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Photo of the Day – Tofino Storm Watching

We went to Tofino last weekend for my 45th birthday “party”. We rented a cabin with close friends at Crystal Cove, where we have gone for the lastĀ for 12 years. […]

Photo of the Day – Pacific Spirit Park

I spent my birthday weekend Sunday with the family out at Pacific Spirit Park. We packed a lunch and dawned our wet weather gear for a great walk in the […]

The Creeper and Steve

This Halloween I decided to “go for it” and really give’r when it came to both my son and my costumes. My son like so many his age are huge […]

Shaula’s Great Voyage

After a weathered out first attempt the weekend before, we were finally able to bring my good friend’s new 1968 Choy Lee Off Shore 36′ named Shaula to her new […]