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How to move from Instagram to Flickr, and take your photos with you.

It really is easy to move away from Instagram’s oppressive  rights and ownership terms to Flickr’s transparent 100% rights and ownership of your shared photos, while taking all of your hard […]

Dyslexics need to be on a Mac!

So I had an “ah uh” moment last month when our copywriter at work reminded me of a little secret most folks don’t know. Macs can talk, or rather read […]

How I used my iPhone to beat another bogus Verrus parking ticket.

This is the third time that I have paid for parking via the telephone pay parking system run by Verrus and have been handed a ticket for what was called […]

Vuvuzela to go. A ringtone that buzzes!

So I hear that the Fifa folks might just silence the Vuvuzela at the World Cup in South Africa! Well I thought that I would give the fans a little […]