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Day One Madrid - Trip to Spain 2008

I am an award winning creative director with over 20 years of experience helping top brands develop effective interactive campaigns and owner of the Interactive Agency Powershifter.

I live in Vancouver British Columbia and am married to an amazing and patient girl and have a 9 year old son that is a bigger Star Wars geek than I ever was. That is saying a lot because I almost convinced Denise that we name him Luke but she caught on and said no to that. I have a passion for travel, design, photography, gadgets and my family. I am dyslexic and am working through it finally and so you may find traces of that special gift on my site and don’t mind at all if you point them out.

This is my personal blog where I will write on all of above subjects and might add in a random thought to boot! My Interactive, Social Media and Marketing blog can be found on my company site Powershifter Blog.

Feel free to comment and contribute to the blog if so inclined.


JP Holecka

You can also find me at: Flickr | LinkedinTwitter