France – Summer 2014

It’s been and exciting five years since I spent the life changing summer in Spain with my wife and then 4-year-old son. Since our return I have started a new business that is now in the 20 twentieth biggest design firms in BC by revenue, watched my son grow and become a guitar playing tween, and fallen deeper in love with my partner and wife. We have decided, now that things are settling in a bit, to head off to France next summer for another European adventure. We will do a mix of car and train touring, as we have only three weeks to cover similar ground. My wife has been studying french at UBC and will once again be the translator on our adventure, while I do the planning and guiding when we are on the ground in France.

We are going for a much shorter time which is both good and bad. It’s good because we don’t have to stretch our Euro over the course of two whole months, which means we’ll have a bit more in our pockets to spend this time around. It’s bad because the trip will be shorter and we’ll have to be in the car a bit more to cover the areas we want to see. I’ll share my planning over the next 10 months and then our experiences in France. My hope is to inspire those with kids to travel beyond the all-inclusive resorts and usual family style packaged vacations.



  1. Jess says:

    Inspired already 🙂

  2. DadCAMP says:


    We did a driving trip when Z was 10 months old.

    Train out to Caen in Normandy where we rented our EuroCar. Drove out to Honfleur for a night. Gorgeous little harbour village.

    Next day drive to Mont St Michelle. Because of course.

    Next day down to Le Croisic just outside of Nantes.

    Next day we drove to our B&B, Le Moulin Du Port, in the Loire where we stayed for 3 nights exploring the Chateaux.

    Returned cars in Tours, and then train back to Paris.

    Loved it.

    • jaypiddy says:

      Thanks for the tips Buzz. What time of year did you go? We are headed there in July and hope that it’s not tooooooo busy.

  3. jaypiddy says:

    Well, our trip to France is being pushed out a year due to the agency growth not allowing me to take three weeks off. All good though, we’ll be more prepared by this time next year for sure.

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