The Creeper and Steve

This Halloween I decided to “go for it” and really give’r when it came to both my son and my costumes. My son like so many his age are huge fans of the video game called Minecraft, and Steve is one of characters that all the kids want to be. The thing is that the game is an independent release and there are not a ton of costumes readily available. Secondly the community that supports the game make a lot of stuff by hand, so it made sense to build a costume from scratch, or so I thought. I had to make a pixel perfect box head that would fit on my son’s head and give him both mobility and vision all while being somewhat to scale. Searching for a perfect 12″ by 12″ box was fruitless, so I build one by handout of foamcore that was reinforced inside with I beams and foam supports that would turn the box into a helmet of sorts. It turned out to be an major late night on the 30th to get everything to look just right. I guess being a creative director I really wanted the costume to be as it had just popped out of the game screen and went to extra lengths to make it so. My costume on the other hand was not as complicated as it looked. I picked up a three-piece foam latex zombie prosthetic and painted it up with rubber mask grease paint for an hour or so. Then I applied enough spirit gum to make sure it would last the night, applied more latex around the edges and I was a zombie that was ready for a decent night of chasing brains through the streets of Vancouver. I had a blast making both costumes and can’t wait for next years trick or treat costume challenges.


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