Adopted tree for Jackie Gore at VanDusen Gardens

Thanks to all of the friends and family that helped by donating money to the fund to adopt a tree for my mum. My mum was an avid gardener, studied to be an archaeo botanist, loved to go for walks in VanDusen Botanical Gardens and what inspired me to suggest adopting a tree for her to my friends and family. It was also my thought that because she was cremated, people would enjoy a place to go and reflect on her in a peaceful setting. We choose the tree on the anniversary of her passing this last May and I am happy to announce that the plaque is now in place on the young cherry tree that blossoms every year on her birthday and into the time of her passing. From the tree you can see all the way to the North Shore mountains that were also a huge influence on her life. I encourage everyone that is interested to go to the tree and have a quiet moment or two. I have included a Google maps link here.

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  1. buzz says:

    Love it, JP. Brilliant.

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