Photo of the Day – Tofino Storm Watching

We went to Tofino last weekend for my 45th birthday “party”. We rented a cabin with close friends at Crystal Cove, where we have gone for the last for 12 years. My wife and spend our first go away weekend there 12 years ago and fiver years ago I and a whole group of friends spent a fun filled weekend there for my 40th. I have never been to Tofino in the summer and suspect that after traveling there only in the winter for all these years I would not like the increase in visitors. Winter storm watching is really the best, and when you are dressed for it, the heavy rain is just fine. We have never been completely rained out during any of our visits there, even in the darkest of winter there are bright sunny days.

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Camera: iPhone 4s

Apps: Apple Camera Panorama, Google Snapseed



  1. Would you consider having some of your photos on I would give you name credit such as on I am building a website with information pages that show pics and info that most other sites don’t have. If you have any more you would like to write about Tofino, I could also have you do a guest post. If not no worries, you have some great photos. Glad you had a great time there!


    • jaypiddy says:

      Hi Sam, I am on vacation but will comment with you in the next few weeks about the photos. Glad you like them.

      • Tofino BC says:

        Thanks, have a great vacation. I am adding more photos and info over the next few days so hopefully more for you to look at!


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