It’s been a bit dark and stormy this year.

It’s been a long while since I took to the Jaypiddy blog and now it’s time to make a return. I started the year with my mum in late stage cancer, over extended at my agency and teaching at BCIT. Then came the passing of my Mum in May and the morning that went with it, and then six weeks ago I blew out my back with a herniated disc. I am not looking for sympathy though as it has also been a year of tremendous growth for me personally. My agency is doing extremely well, I am even closer to my wife and son, I lost 25lbs through diet and fitness [thanks Nadeen], and the vision that I have for life and my business has never been clearer or more focused. You don’t learn when it’s easy…you just don’t, not ever. I have also been blessed to be surrounded by an amazingly supportive family and crew at the agency. My wife and  son’s support has been mind blowing and unwavering. While I spent more time looking out the window than my in box the guys at the office did not skip a beat and made sure we hit the dates and deliverables with the high level of creative that we have always been known for. So here is to getting back to it here on the blog and telling it like it is. Raw, unvarnished and from the only point of view I know.

Oh, and if you have not read the Steve Jobs bio I recommend that you do. That guy went through hell and back while giving us the iPhone, iPad and I suspect a few other things that will change how we create and communicate for ever. I thoroughly recommend it, as it has inspired me more than any other book.


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