Photo of the Day – The Ascent

It had been raining for days and the fear I was that it was going to dump down the wet stuff for Noah’s second ski lesson at the Grouse Mountain Ski Wee Camp. As luck would have it the skies opened up and the sun peaked out just in time for his day on the slopes.

This shot was taken as we ascended the mountain via the Skyride. I like this shot because of the sun off in the blurry distance and remnants of the rain on the window. If you look closely you can see English Bay, Stanley Park and Vancouver in the distance. In fact I could see the ferry that my wife was on when I spoke to her on the phone…

The rain held off and the little guy finished learning the snow plough [pizza wedge] and went for his first ride on the chair life. I set up the lap top and had the best office view you can imagine. It was a good day.



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