Photo of the Day – Patriotism burns bright once more

We went down to the new convention centre to watch the Canada day fireworks. This was the first post Olympic Canada day celebration and it was interesting to see just how much of that crazy Canuck patriotism was left. Well, I can report that there was much more wearing of our national colours, due to the team Canada swag purchased during the games, but other than that we were back to our typical reserved selves during the Canada Day celebration. It was nice to see that the federal government was able to spend a little bit more cash on the event with a parade down Georgia Street, a much larger event and the convention centre and a fireworks show that no longer embarrasses. Terasen Gas fired up the Olympic caldron for the day and because the games where no longer on you could walk right up to it. In fact there were a lot of us huddled around the burning glass tubes just to try and stay warm on what seemed to be the coldest Canada Day on record.


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