Opening Ceremonies Dress Rehearsal – A Super Secret Reveiw

Top Secret

Now I am not going to give anything away here but I will say that the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies were much better that I thought they were going to be. I have seen most opening ceremonies in recent years and this one does more than hold it’s own. Sure there are some moments that maybe a bit too Canadiana but hey that’s what sells a country these days. Union Jacks for the Eiffel Tower for France and the Statue of Liberty for the good old US of A, it’s what the people seem to want.

The feeling of winter is conveyed through some great yet simple techniques of fx and lighting. There were stand-ins for stars and dignitaries with exception of one huge Canadian star that brought the house down with song in a surprise appearance.

The fact that there is a roof on the place does not get in the way of the event at all. Well maybe for the pre-show and I suspect that will get sorted too. The show runs 2.5 hours  and considering that this was the first dress rehearsal and the third rehearsal overall it went off with only a few tiny glitches. One more full dress rehearsal should take care of what did not go on cue.

There were plenty of stand-ins and blanked out names that will be replaced by the stars of sport but even though it was just a dress rehearsal it really did flick the switch for me and the family. We will watch the real ceremonies on Friday from the comfort of our own couch knowing that we did share the some of that experience. Oh and I won’t have to choke back cheap beer in an expensive plastic cup while watching it.

The one thing I can say is that there will be fireworks that are launched after the show from the roof of the giant dome.

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  1. Annechantal says:

    The big Canadian star that was there tonight was Sarah Mclachlan!

  2. Annechantal says:

    The big Canadian star that was there tonight was Sarah Mclachlan!

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