How I used my iPhone to beat another bogus Verrus parking ticket.

This is the third time that I have paid for parking via the telephone pay parking system run by Verrus and have been handed a ticket for what was called a “parking violation”. In the past I had called and tried to get the violations cancelled. This has been futile on both attempts due to “lack of documentation”. I use the Verrus system mostly for Vancouver City parking due to the fact that the parking is usually for business and I need to track receipts for corporate tax purposes. I usually use my corporate credit cards in parking lots, but when the machines will not accept any one of my 4 credit cards [it happens a lot] I use the Verrus pay by phone system. The odd thing is that in all the years of using Verrus for the street parking I have never had any issues. Screw ups only happens with private lots it seems. Maybe the city has a better parking platform that communicates with the Verrus system better than the private companies, not sure.

So last Saturday when I when to the YMCA and was unsuccessful paying for parking with my credit cards I reverted to Verrus. I did my 5k and 5000 metres of rowing and when I return to my car there was a ticket for $50. It infuriated me beyond beleif and I decided that I was not going to get the shaft from the parking company a third time! I stopped and thought to myself there has to be a way to prove I had made the correct payment and was not in violation…”The iPhone should be able to do it” I thought to myself.

  1. Document violation number with time noted [10:45am] with the iPhone camera.
  2. Screen shot of the actual call log to Verrus.
  3. Screen shot of GPS location to prove where I was at the time.
  4. Screen shot the txt reminder from Verrus of the fact that my payment was going to run out at 11:35.

I placed all of the varous pictures with my complaint to Diamond Parking in an email:

Good morning,
I would like to dispute violation notice number 453875. I paid via my Verrus Parking account for lot number 4046 at 9:34 am, stall number 39 for two hours. As you can see there is the call confirmation at 9:34, The GPS to confirm my location and the reminder at 11:30 that my two hour parking was going to expire in 5 minutes. You will note that the violation was timestamped 10:45am. Please make a correction to your violation database and canecel the fine.
Of note this is the 3rd time this has happen with the Verrus system and only now have I figured a way to dispute it. As you can see it’s not a easy one to dispute unless you are smartphone savvy. I would also like to be notified that the violation has been dropped so that I can close the file on my end.

About a week later I recived the following from Diamond Parking:

We appreciate that you took the time to submit the needed documentation. Please be advised that the violation notice has been cancelled.

Have a nice day !


Parking Enforcement Department
PO Box 3055
Vancouver, BC V6B 3X5
FAX 604.684.0329

So there you have it, violation terminated! I took to time to write this for any others that may have fallen victim to the parking vultures that always asume that you are trying to rip them off when quite often it’s the other way around. It saved me $50 in the end.



  1. Corey Dilley says:

    JP… You’re my friggin hero. I’m so glad someone beat those bastards at their own game. I just wish they’d reimburse you for the time and frustration (and they should!)

    • jaypiddy says:

      Well, I’ll take what I can get. Better that either shelling out $50 or having to avoid the collection letters.

  2. Maude Vang says:

    Well, I’ll take what I can get. Better that either shelling out $50 or having to avoid the collection letters.

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