And then it was gone! Torch relay on Denman Street

Olympic Torch in front of Olympia Pizza

Well, it’s not easy to change the early morning behaviour of my six year old, Olympics or not. Trying to get the young fella to “get cracking” so we could make it out to see the torch be run down Denman street was no easy task. I awoke to the sound of helicopters that were tracking Govinator Arnold Schwarzenegger through his leg of the relay in neighbouring Stanley Park so the mood was already heightened in our house. Shuffling down the street with sleep in his eyes and me time checking out loud every couple of minutes to make sure the he understands that the torch waits for no one.

When we arrived the sirens and rolling lockups of the police motorcycles was already in full effect. Squeezing in kitty corner from Olympia Pizza the we caught up with the corporate preamble and then there it was…the torch, team of support staff, and camera crews there were documenting the event. And then it was gone. In fact I don’t even know who was holding the torch for that leg to be honest. I was just trying to snap a few good shots and make sure that Noah could see the event without getting pushed about.[nggallery id=10]


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