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And then it was gone! Torch relay on Denman Street

Well, it’s not easy to change the early morning behaviour of my six year old, Olympics or not. Trying to get the young fella to “get cracking” so we could […]

Opening Ceremonies Dress Rehearsal – A Super Secret Reveiw

Now I am not going to give anything away here but I will say that the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies were much better that I thought they were going […]

Downtown Crackles with Excitement with just 5 days to Go!

Here is what the downtown core looks like with just 5 days left until the games. There are tons of international athletes already wondering the streets in uniform and getting […]

Photo of the Day – On Thin Ice

Walking around on Sunday you could feel the pre-Olympic fever that was beginning to crackle to life in the city. The downtown core was a buzz and the GE plaza […]