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The 2010 Olympic Jaypiddy Photo Blog

Join me as I document  the 2010 Olympics from the downtown streets of Vancouver. I don’t have any specific photo plans as of yet but I imagine those will present […]

Photo of the Day – Lost in thought – Oahu

This shot is from our trip to Oahu in 2007 on the east side of the island at the Kualoa Ranch jeep tours. They are not actually jeeps but rather […]

Photo of the Day – Crab Man at Pike Place Market

Last Memorial Day I took the family to Seattle on a bit of a whim. We hit the Woodlands Park zoo and then went downtown. When we were at the […]

Photo of the Day – Valencia’s Opera House

The city of Valencia has an opera house that rivals that of Sidney without a doubt. In fact it is the 3rd largest opera house in the world after Metropolitan […]