Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Have you been?

Well I am not usually a huge fan of Zoo’s as such but understand that there is educational value for kids if managed correctly. The Seattle Woodland Park Zoo is one one of those in my opinion and we usually head down in the spring when a quick overnight family getaway is required. We are planing to go in a couple of weeks which jarred my memory that I had made this video a few years back on our first trip there.

The habitats a relatively large and very realistic in foliage etc and the animals are extremely well cared for. We usually make a weekend out of the trip but if you head out early enough you can get there and back in a day. Just be sure to allow about 4-6 hours of time at the zoo as it is pretty darn big and there are a lot of things to see.

The food on premise is pretty standard fair but just around the corner, from the zoo, is one of the best burger joints that you will ever come across. The Red Mill Burger joint is pretty famous in Seattle and the lines can be tediously long but the burgers they serve are out of this world. The service is great too and everyone there is ok with the wait.

If you are planning to stay the weekend there are plenty of hotels in the area but other than the zoo it’s pretty bleak for entertainment. We prefer to head downtown and stay either at the Best Western near the Seattle Science Centre or the Homewood Suites Inn closer to Belltown. We like the Homewood for the simple fact that there is a bed room and a kitchen in every suite. If it’s pure luxury or funk factor maybe go elsewhere but for families it is great and there is a free buffet breakfast too boot.

So as spring takes root and the days get a little warmer why not make a weekend of it at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo.


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