Wii would like to lose some weight in 2009!-Day 3

mii-fit-3I started the morning by putting the rest of the bacon from ’09 out of it’s misery in a bacon and egg sandwich and then decided to work out on the Wii Fit. I had to do it as it was sitting in the fridge yelling “Eat me” every time I went in for something healthy.

With that out of the way I started day three of the Wii fit program and think that it is actually not a bad system. Not perfect, but not bad. Once you get past the overly cute and childlike Japanese look, feel and audio you really can benefit physically from the program. I guess being trapped under this three week arctic pressure system also makes it a more appealing option than running outside or in cold gym in our buildings basement! Since my initial weight in I have actual lost a couple of pounds and BMI. Now my first workout happened in the evening, in jeans, after a heavy meal and couple of glasses of wine so maybe that is not the best starting benchmark but what the hell that was back at the end of 2008 anyway. My workouts now are in the am and I mix the Wii fit with my usual 4-5 k run and weights at the gym.

What I like best about the Wii Fit is the balance and strengthening exercises. I have been on a budget lately and really am not interested in paying hard earned cash for attending group yoga session where I will totally suck and feel ridiculous. Just ask my yoga friends how I feel about it as there has been several heated debates on the subject. Anyhow if it takes the Wii Fit to get me stretching and becoming more flexible physically then so be it. As far as being for flexible mentally that is another issue all together that I don’t think even the Wii Fit can do that.

So so far I have done: Giant Slalom, Ski Jumping, Soccer Ball Head Butting, Dance Dance Step, Warrior, Lunge, Running, Push ups, Triangle Pose, Hula Hoops and a couple of other things. Tomorrow I will do the 4-5k on the mill and weights. Oh and one other cool thing about tracking your progress is that the Will Fit lets you add out side exercises to your progress report.  

I’ll be back baconless in a couple of days.


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  1. jess says:

    I’m very impressed that you jog that much! The Wii Fit people have given away a ton of the systems to bloggers, you should let them know you’re doing this – might get some giveaways!

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