Wii would like to lose some weight in 2009!

mii-fitSo it’s that time of year again. That time of year that so many of us make resolutions! Have you made any mad cap unattainable ones yet? Say like quitting [anything] cold turkey, loosing [x] amount of unsightly poundage, be more [blank] to people, not hate everybody you meet right away, etc, etc? Well I have made a few and one of them includes to get in shape, again, and to do it I have enlisted the technical expertiese of the Nintendo Wii Fit. Yes the gadget freak in mii has taken the plunge into the world of video game fitness! The Fit Board is cheaper that a month’s gym membership and so if I actually maintain it for more that a few months I’ll not only be in better shape, have better balance, according to the manual, I will also be ahead financially. 

So It is the 1st of the year and no better time to get a move on with the Wii Fit. So after dinner we pried the Wii controller away from my son’s tight grip with the promise that the hour or so to follow would be just as exciting as Lego Star Wars…Yes I actually said that! Noah conceded and I began to assemble the Wii Fit. The hardware is quite a lot heavier that I thought [foreshadowing] and felt nice and solid. I pushed the game disk in as Denise and Noah looked on…”Wii fit set up let’s begin” chimed the overly happy childlike voice. OK I pushed ‘A’ on the controller and away we went. The Wii informed me that balance is a ‘good thing’ and that ‘sitting my ass in a chair all day is not’ as if I didn’t know that. I went though a series of tests of balance and shifting of weight on the fit board to be told that I was ‘overweight’ but had the ‘Wii’ age one year younger than my actual age. To add insult to injury the cocky little fit mediator animated my Mii to be a lot more pudgy than I look in real life:( Sceptical I proceeded to choose some fitness and weight loss goals though the step by step set up. Ok 15lbs in two months. I can do that for sure…I think. I guess that bacon in the fridge will get tossed if the Wii has any say in the matter. So onto the first round of fitness. I was presented Balance, Stregnth, Yoga, Aerobics and one other option I can’t remember. I choose balance as I have an aversion to yoga and seeing as it was seven at night and I was in my jeans I did not feel like get my aerobic sweat on if ya know what I mean. Balance included giant slalom, ski jumping and weirdly enough head butting oncoming soccer balls! I chose giant slalom and proceeded to totally suck at it. A few more tries and I got the hang of it. Noah was dying to give it a shot and I was reluctant because I knew it was recording all of my progress and that Noah’s young spastic movements would taint my overall average! I am a scorpio and at times a bit selfish…well more than sometimes I am told. I reluctantly let him take a turn and I was right he blew the turns and brought my overall score down within minutes of play. Oh well I have plenty of time to make it up as it is only the first of Jan.

I registered Denise and the Wii told her that she was good with the weight but eight ‘Wii’ years older than she is in real life…I’m not sure how they got that as her balance was way better than mine. Oh well I am sure there is some super crazy accurate algorithm that the fit gurus at Nintendo have worked out. 

So now we are kicking off 2009 with fitness by Wii and have some pretty lofty targets to get within the next few months. I actually think that if I follow the regime and add weights and my 5k runs in that I will be able to make the targets. I am probably gonna have to make some adjustments to my diet as well. I will update this post with progress reports only if they are positive. In other words no news is NOT good news!



  1. Tim the just under overwieght says:

    beware the smarmy Wii. It really does love you even though it berates you for not working out in the last 3 days. Also holds it’s (your) head low for a poor score. Soccer and ski slalom are driving me crazy.

  2. Tim the just under overwieght Mii says:

    beware the smarmy Wii. It really does love you even though it berates you for not working out in the last 3 days. Also holds it’s (your) head low for a poor score. Soccer and ski slalom are driving me crazy.

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