Travel Tip- Use TripAdvisor to Plan your Hotels

Trip Advisor Map

Continuing the on the travel theme I thought I would publish my TripAdvisor travel map. If you have not already started using for investigating hotels by reading the reviews of the traveller reviewed properties then I strongly recommend that you do before next trip. The site has been around now for a number of years and there are reviews for hotels just about anywhere you plan on travelling to. I have found helpful reviews for the smallest of towns on the site. You can even view photos and videos that other travellers have upload of thier hotel rooms and famous, and not so famous, attractions. One would be shocked at the differences there are between the glossy photo on the hotel website versus the real deal that travellers experienced. The site has saved me from exposure to bedbugs, surly staff and food poisoning time and time again and I never go to a hotel without first checking here. You should read through a good number of reviews to get an idea of what the general consensus of the hotel property. I also find that there are always a couple of bad reviews about every property so I suggest that you look at the good to bad ratios before rushing to judge too quickly. If you set up an account there is an interactive map that will track your world travels that you can be imbedded into blogs and posted to Facebook profiles. I guess it is kind of a traveller’s brag sheet of sorts.

If you like my travel tips and are planning to book a package somewhere hot why not use to book. 




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  1. stella says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been using trip advisor and so far it’s been working well for me. The reviews are very useful.

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