Picture of the day – The Ghosts of Christmas Past


Well as we head into the new year and begin 2009 with a clean sweep of all things 2008 one can’t help but run into ghosts from the past. It seems that it was just yesterday that Noah was fascinated and could not get enough of all things Toy Story. It was only a year ago that the anticipation of going to Disneyworld to see Buzz and Woody was almost too much for the little guy. Well Buzz and Woody has been replaced by Luke and Darth Vader and the floors are now littered with light sabres and action figures. Even now I hear the familiar opening bars of John’s William’s epic composition blasting from the TV as he Noah dances around the room wielding his Jedi weapon. I miss the innocence that movies like Toy Story brought to our home. Oh well may the force be with you!



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