Photo of the day – Salamanca Spain – Circa 1991

Salamanca Bridge Spain

This is from my very first trip to Europe in 1991. I left just before Nirvana broke and when Michael Jackson was still believed to be just a bit odd and not the crazy child hanging out of the window [alleged] pedophile that he became. Yes I was off to hostel hop via Eurorail pass and an erasable pen to make my way in the world.

It really was the start of my love for small, yet high quality, cameras with great glass for capturing travel photography. On this trip I took a Minox 35 mm camera. The camera was the larger cousin to the Minox Spy Camera that had been made famous by the movie spies like James Bond and Falcon and the Snowman. I began to realize back then that great moments in photography could be captured without lugging around a shite load of gear.

This picture was taken the evening of my arrival via a very rough train ride from Burgos. Back in ’91 Spain was still on the old narrow gage tracks that made for very wobbly rides from city to city. I rolled into town and wandered about waiting for the shops to reopen when I found this Roman bridge that led into the city. It was the first time I realized what old, ancient and history really meant.

My love affair for Europe and small cameras has not faded over in the least. This year I took a Lumix Leica lens to capture similar images of Spain.

I have also included some tracks that would have been on MTV Europe at the time in the play list below. What where your favourite things about 1991 and where were you at that time? Leave a comment or two on what memories you have of that time. Oh and I may have not had the totally best taste in music but that’s hindsight for ya.

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