Photo of the Day – On the Run


This was photo was shot on a road trip that the three of us took through eastern Washington, Oregon and Northern California in the spring of 2004. It was Easter and both Denise and I were a little stir crazy from the long winter shut indoors figuring out how to be parents with and infant child. We blasted south and had thought for some reason that the weather would be warmer that it really was. It was an amazing road trip none the less and the first time we realized that travelling with a child was going to be just fine. We have been dragging Noah around ever since!

I have a fascination for old signs and love to road trip through the US because there are so many more there that we have in Canada or some reason. Eastern Oregon is near desert in a lot of places and great for those who like to escape it all.

This shot was taken with a Canon Powershot 50 and was my introduction to digital photography. It was soon after this road trip that I realized that all of my analog film gear would be long forgotten and that the easy breezy digital workflow would be the new reality.

Photo copyright JP Holecka


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