New iPhone Photo FIlter App from Tiffen, the Filter People


Well as some of you know I take a lot of shots with my iPhone. I like to use my iPhone because it’s always with me. The standard iPhone shots suck pretty bad and I have written in the past on what basic apps and techniques will help improve the overall quality. The latest in my arsenal for improving iPhone shots is one from Tiffen and is called Photo FX. They also make one with wilder fx called Cool FX that I have yet to test. If you are a photographer the name will already be familiar to you as they are probably the number one brand in lens filters. They also make the Stedicam for any of those film buffs out there.

Photo FX has over 70 different filters and FX that range anywhere from the subital soft focus fx of Perl Mist to the more gimmicky Night Vision FX. There are film grain fx simulation filters as well like Bleach Bypass, Cross Process and 60’s Slide that all emulate various film looks. They do a pretty good job of the emulation for an iPhone app I must admit. There are clour grads that you can use to enhance sunsets and blue skies. The gradient colour, amount and placement are all controllable with the easy to use UI. There is even a Polarizer that some how recognizes highlights as reflections and removes them from windows and water…pretty cool.

The Vignetting, Black and White and Old Photo Fx are also very well done and there is a lot of control over the look. You can also mix and match filtes by adding layers of filters before you save it down to a single image in your photo gallery.

I am not saying that the iPhone camera will ever replace your handy snap or SLR but if push comes to shove and you want to capture a have decent image in a jam. Photo FX can more that make up for the short comings of the iPhone camera.



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