New iPhone Camera App – QuadCamera – No Lomo Required

Quad Camera Shot of Me

For those of you that know me you know I am a bit of an iPhone nut. I have been using the crap iPhone 2.0 megapixel since August of 08. I have managed to find ways around the out of the box limitations that most people suffer through. [See iPhone Camera tips post] The latest weapon in my arsenal to cool photos on the iphone is an app called Quad Camera by Takayuki Fukatsu. The Quad Phone is a digital version of the Lomo Action Sampler Camera. Lomo for those that don’t know are what have become to be known as ‘Toy Cameras’ that are made of plastic bodies, cheap lenses and take kitschy and grungy shots. They have a huge following right now and Urban Outfitters has probably sold thousands of these hipster cool camera alone. I have a cool fisheye camera that takes wacky ubber wide angel shots

The problem that I have personally with the Lomography is that I hate film. I know that is such a strong word, but it is true. The whole film thing is so medieval in my opinion. You have to buy the film, load it, shoot it, process it, scan it, and print it. I do not have the time to deal with all that crap any more. I have become so used to the instant gratification of digital that I forgive the fact that you have with the medium. I am a “Hey let me grab that shot” kind of guy and I hate to carry a lot of gear around to do it. So my toy camera as they call it is my iPhone. It’s always with me and now due to the wacks of cool software I can get the look I want. I never print the photos anyway. I always post them to flickr or facebook as that is my distribution channel as it were. 

So now back to QuadCamera after my rant on analog film. Quad Phone has a great interface and gives you the choice of 4×2, 8×1, 4×1, or 2×2 framing. There are also settings for B&W or colour and the timing between the shots. Another thing that I like about this app is that it does not crash like some of the other photo apps on the iPhone. I give it a huge thumbs up. If you know how to animate gif’s in photoshop you can also make cool little animations like this:


You can find the app here [iTunes Link] in the iTunes app store for a cost of $1.99. That is practically free and think of the film you will save.


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