Canucks in 8 x 6 Frames


Well I when to the Canucks game last night and wow did it suck! The night did not but the game sure did. I caught up with three friends that I have known for over 20 years. The one that I do when I hang out with these gents is laugh and that is a great thing. They put up with the fact I am not really a sport fan as such and they let me wear my old Naslund jersey that I bought a few years ago when I was on a playoff bandwagon ride. I double that will happen anytime soon what I witnessed last night.

I document the eventing on my iPhone QuadCamera app by  Takayuki Fukatsu. It’s sums up the night quite well I think. Notice the lack of game footage? Ya that’s not a accident. 



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  1. The Kid says:

    Cool memory clip! That’s pretty Much how I recall Saturday Night….except for breasts at Malone’s ( I wonder if the audio captured us boooing Sundin)
    Lets do it all over again real soon Piddycent

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