Best Canada Day Shots – Photo Contest

Canada Flag

Hey you happy Canadian snappers. On Canada Day 2009 while you are out and about with friends, family or just alone with a bottle of your favorite booze navel gazing about being Canadian. Why not take your camera and shoot what you think it means to be Canadian. It’s totally up to you and it does not have to be candy coated or glossy at all, although I will accept candy coated and glossy too. I want you to capture the Canadian moments from your perspective. I will then review them and pic a winner.

The winner will receive a coupon for 3 months of Flickr for free. Ya it’s not a huge prize but this is an independent blog and there is a recession going on! Email your submissions at jp [at] jaypiddy [dot] com and by no later that Sunday July 5th. Winners will be anounced the following week.

Good luck and happy Canada day eh!


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