My first batch of Zinfandel hits the mark!

The other year I made my first batch of wine and never looked back. I had walked by the wine kit store on my way to the liquor more times than I probably care to admit. Then one day I decided to make my own. Now I’ll admit I was a bit nervous due to the many batches of bad stuff I had tasted before and more weddings than  I’d care to remember.

Well, regardless of bad memory or not I pushed my way past the full carboys and asked the man behind the counter about making my own batch. I said “How do I make myself a batch of wine and make it taste good?” He pulled out a menu of sorts and told me that if I made any wine from this list I would be more than satisfied. I picked a Zinfandel, paid the man and poured the yeast into the cup.

Damn talk about anti climatic! I had grand visions of becoming a winemaker and that it would all be so much more complicated than that.

Six weeks later I bottled my wine and labelled them up with the hand made labels. I had decided to call the wine Hellfire due to the fact that I was a bit nervous or how it was going to taste. I had thought that if I called it Hellfire and it turned out to be terrible wine then the recipient would have been forewarned and the expectations managed quite nicely thank you.

Well, the wine turned out to be a jammy rich red that was fantastic and was very well received by all that I shared it with. I have now made our second batch of wine an it is just as tasty, although still green, I know it is going to be great when it finally of the right age.


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