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My “Most Intersting” photos on Flickr.

I discovered this free service today that lets you create badges of your most intersting photos acording to most viewed, most commented and favored. It’s free and when you click […]

Photo of the Day – Mother’s Day 2009

After the day spent at the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary wandering around enjoying mothers day in the country we made our way over to Commercial Drive for a friends art […]

Photo of the Day – Thunderbird is go!

On my way to pick up groceries yesterday afternoon I spotted this relic from the past. It’s a mid 70’s Ford Thunderbird that really shows the true essence of a […]

New iPhone Photo FIlter App from Tiffen, the Filter People

Well as some of you know I take a lot of shots with my iPhone. I like to use my iPhone because it’s always with me. The standard iPhone shots […]