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Part 3 – Touchdown in Madrid – We Have Arrived

[Previous Chapter Here] Well the air is hot and I am definitely as stale as the Kelsey’s meal they tried to fool me into eating on the flight over but I could care less […]

The Apple logo on iPhone is actually a self portrait mirror

For all of those folks that are used to Blackberry and Nokia providing the convex mirrors on their handsets for self portraits. I know that you are wondering why Apple […]

New iPhone Camera App – QuadCamera – No Lomo Required

For those of you that know me you know I am a bit of an iPhone nut. I have been using the crap iPhone 2.0 megapixel since August of 08. […]

Travel Tip – Driving in Europe – Use a Tom Tom GPS and don’t forget to breath.

Driving in Spain from JP Holecka on Vimeo. Well driving in Europe can be tricky. Round-a-bouts, lack of signage, crazy streets, foreign languages and foreign drivers for that matter. It can all be […]