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Top 5 Ways to Make your iPhone Photos not Suck

So you have an iPhone and the pictures that you take, well no offence but they probably suck! Am I right or am I right. Well even if you have little to […]

Images of Park Güell, Barcelona Spain- Flickr

Here are the latest pics of Barcelona Spain that I have been working on. The shots are of the famous Park Güell that overlooks the city and was designed by Antoni […]

Gin & Sin – Back in the day!

Back in the mid 90’s me  and a few other friends used to run a night at the Mighty Niagara Hotel. It was called Gin & Sin and let me […]

Repost of an older story. Appendix be gone!

I am re-posting the story of when I had my Appendix removed a few years ago. I was re-reading it last night and thought it should get back on the Internetz as […]