What a racy little number
What a racy little number
Walking the dog
Walking the dog

Selling my photos on alamy, yup I am.

I decided to start selling my photos on a stock photo site called alamy.com out of the UK. I’ve been told time and time again to sell my photos and […]

Photo of the Day – Datsun 510

What a racy little number

Although I always preferred the Datsun 240z, the 510 when customized like this is not far behind on the wish list. I found this little number on South Granville last […]

Photo of the day – Boy walks dog

Walking the dog

We were up in Vernon last weekend and went out for an evening stroll in the hills behind the city. In the lower right you can see my son walking […]

Photo of the day – SFO Airport

Photo of the day - SFO Airport

I have to say that this is the only airport in my recent travels that makes my YVR look dated and in need of a bit of a re-refresh. iPhone […]

Canada Day Weekend in Vernon BC – The Outback Resort

The bay area

I’ll admit that for most of my life I have really never been drawn to the Okanagan region of our province. I am not sure why, it’s just never been […]

Photo of the day – Sunset on Granville Island

We are blessed to have such an amazing outdoor space in a city like this. From June through September this really does become a place where we spend a lot […]